Do you have a strategy for your investment property?

A number of investment owners don’t consider what their long-term goals are for this property.

Take a few minutes to read this page, and we will show you how.

First of all, let me briefly introduce us. Ripe Property Noosa is a boutique agency covering the Sunshine Coast. We specialise in managing properties just on the Sunshine Coast. We are not like other real estate agencies, who treat their property management section as “not important” or who focus entirely on their sales.

You and your property are important to us.

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what’s going on with your property? Have you had problems getting answers from your property manager? Or even getting in touch with them? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, the chances are your property is managed by a real estate agency that is focused on sales, not property management.

This is because most real estate agencies generate their income from selling houses. As a result, their property management services, particularly when it comes to finding tenants for your property, is not very effective.

What is your Property Strategy?


Before you approve a new tenant, have you worked out the strategy for your investment property?


There are so many issues that need to be thought out:


  1. Do I intend to sell the property in the next two years?
  2. Should I do some upgrading of the property before a new tenant is approved, and would this bring in more rent or a better tenant?
  3. Do I have good professional photos of the property as a backup, if I decide to sell when the tenant is in situ?
  4. No plans to sell? Why not advertise your property with a long lease option to attract a long-term renter?
  5. Is your property pet-friendly to attract a family?
  6. For outside maintenance, do you have a program for gutters, fences and trees?
  7. Have you considered replacing older appliances with a reasonably priced appliance package before the old ones break down and you start spending good money on repairs?
  8. When did you last check the air conditioners and hot water service?
  9. Prevention maintenance is an insurance against weekend breakdowns and expensive callouts.
  10. Do you have a depreciation schedule on the property?
  11. Does your landlord insurance cover the loss of rent? (Many don’t and you may find out the hard way!)

Don't take our word for it

Karen and the team have been managing my properties now for over seven years, and their property inspections offer constructive feedback on what needs to be carried out to protect my investment. I highly recommend her team.
Darren Cormick from Victoria
Karen looked after our property for more than four years, she successfully found and managed tenants. When we decided to sell, she sold the property for us. We found Karen to be very responsive and personally went the extra mile. She always gave constructive advice and helped us, as remote owners, manage any issues with the property. Her communication and customer service has been excellent, Karen is not ‘just another Noosa property manager or agent’. She has excellent values and ethics in an industry where these are not always displayed.
Trevor & Claire Bielski from Victoria
We were always very happy with the professional way that Ripe Property managed our rental property. There came a time, however, where we considered selling it, but we were deterred by the prospect of having a second agent as the seller. Basically, we did not want to unnecessarily upset a good tenant if we were unsuccessful in selling.

On discussing this with Karen, we found this was a common dilemma amongst rental property owners, and she informed us she was developing a product that met this need. Basically, it consisted of vetting purchasers to ensure they were genuine prospects, and thus little disruption to our tenant, and minimal advertising costs.

The property sold very quickly, although we are aware that there was a lot of background work by Karen to make it successful. Obviously, after our experience, we are happy to recommend Karen to other rental property owners who are considering selling.

D & G Dean

Here’s why we can manage your investment better and maximise your rental return:

  • We specialise in property management. We are not a traditional real estate agency, whose core focus is on selling properties, NOT renting them.
  • Our boutique property management team devote 100% of their time, energy and passion to doing one thing extremely well, we are simply better at what we do
  • We will inspect your property and plan a strategy for you, so it will help you to budget your maintenance
  • We will identify issues that should be prioritised, saving costly callouts
  • A safety check can be carried out by an independent company. Contact us for pricing, this is great for older homes and risk management!
Property management is all about establishing relationships, but more than that, it is also about maintaining the value of your investment.

If you are concerned about your property and don’t have a strategy, contact us today.