Marketing your property

Marketing begins with you and us

It begins with listening to what you want and spending the time we need to understand your specific needs and learn everything there is to know about your property.

With this thorough understanding, we can suggest how to enhance your property’s value and how to present it in the best possible light. Some of our most effective marketing tools include websites, virtual tours and highly targeted email campaigns.

We’ll help you decide on your optimum price — a thoughtful balance between promoting a speedy sale and achieving the highest sale.

We will take you through each step of the sale.

The marketing plan

  • Listing the property
  • Showing the property
  • The contract
  • The settlement.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident with every step..

Before you decide on a marketing plan that suits you, we show you the benefits of each approach and how to highlight your property’s unique selling points. We put together a tailored marketing plan for your property and your goals.

Whatever your property strategy may be, have a chat with Karen today. She has the knowledge and willingness to help you.