About Us

We are a team that inspires each other.

Ripe are a revolutionary, fill-service, property firm that prides itself on providing accurate and independent advice. Ripe was founded by Karen Seskis, who has constructed a dynamic firm based on integrity, expertise and excellence.

Ripe offers comprehensive property solutions for buyers, sellers and landlords. The firm is driven by an integrated team of accomplished professionals with extensive expertise in all aspects of property transactions.

We see the role in our clients lives the way they might see their doctor, their lawyer or their accountant. Once we have established this relationship it is a lifelong relationship. We not only look after our clients but also their children, parents and friends. It is a constantly evolving family.

Today’s property environment is more complex than ever before. There have never been so many options and self-proclaimed experts, and everyone seems to be selling something. With all this complexity and the huge cost of a poor choice, today’s property landscape is a minefield.

Whatever your property strategy may be, have a chat with Karen today. She has the knowledge and willingness to help you.